Asus ZenBook UX310UQ-GL379T Notebook: Price and Review

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ-GL379T, price below 1000 dollars and above-average performance: compact size and excellent battery life thanks to the Intel i7-7500U energy-saving processor and the 13-inch TFT display. Its main strengths are a nice 512 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, and a dedicated video card. (More choice about cheap laptop, check here)

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ-GL379T: Our Opinion

I needed a notebook that was really portable because I often travel for work, and this notebook was a good choice. It’s very light and you can hold it with one hand. Some people have complained about the display, but from the tests that I’ve done the display offers good viewing angles and doesn’t strain your eyes. Continue reading

New WhatsApp update in iOS to correct the failure in voice notes

Just yesterday WhatsApp updated their application to the version for iPhone with new functions, between them an option that the users had been asking of the service: to be able to hear the voice notes before sending them. Today the app has recieved an update again, precisely to solve a small problem with the voice notes.

From being the worst nightmare at the moment you are talking to become the one function that has replaced the keyboard use for so many people. When it was first implemented, the voice notes were something odd that no one ever used, and having its botton right next to the send text button, it usually caused to send a voice note without wanting to. But with the pass of time, people has lost their fears about it and today the voice notes are more used than the written messages. There are more comfortable, you just have to press and talk, is ideal for having a free hand and haven´t to use the keyboard with both of them.

WhatsApp new update on iOS

As usual, WhatsApp officially updated its app, by surprise, -just on iOS by the moment-, including a list of new functions that we described to you yesterday. The most grateful, useful and expected function was the one of being able to listen the voice note we record before sending it, since so far we had recorded the voice note and it was sent automatically. Now we can hear it, save it if we got interrupted by a call and go back to it later, and we are even able to erase it if we don´t like it.

Used in version 2.18.10, today iPhone’s WhatsApp has officially updated again to the version 2.18.11, which solves a failure that was present on the previous version related to voice notes. It seems that yesterday’s update created a problem when you are hearing a voice note with WhatsApp executed in a second plane, something that today’s update fixes and solves.

New color for text bubbles

It is not the only thing this patch solves, that also fixes a problem with ticks in sent messages, which weren´t visible in iPhones with iOS 7 operating system. But the curious thing is the inclusion of a new color to the app’s text bubble. Text bubbles appear when it is set a safe connection between two users, and in this example they appear with a yellow background. The new patch has brought a new soft green bubble used by the app to inform of the authenticity of comercial account when we are chatting with it.

So, if we chat with the Netflix account, for example, WhatsApp will let us know by entering to the chat with a message about the account’s authenticity written inside a bubble with a new color. For now, this and checking the voice notes before sending it, still being exclusively in iOS, but if this is official it won´t take long to reach to Android.

A false extention extention of Chrome plays videos in the background.

The peak of cryptocurrencies also brings problems in the form of malware. The hidden miners are quite present on the different platforms. This can very negatively affect the good functioning of the equipment. They consume resources and make the component suffer a great amount of wear and tear. This is why miner blockers have also emerged. In this article we speak of a false extention for blocking miners which play videos in the background.

False MinerBlock Extention

The security investigator Bryan Campbell has discovered a malicious Chrome extention which is made to pass as a legitimate Minerblock extention. The legitimate MinerBlock extention is used for blocking pages that use cyptocurrency mining on the browser. For its part, the recently discovered false extention makes it so Chrome plays videos in the background repeatedly without the users knowing.

The pages with this Chrome extention have some differences. In the imposter is contained text in russian. Also we can see that the developer is different. In the case of the legitimate extention it is CryptoMineDev, while the imposter is egopastor2016.

In terms of appearance, the two are similar. They have the same option interface, for example. Mind you, the icon and the version are different.


In the functionality is where things change. While the MinerBlock original is designed for blocking access to known miner sites, the malicious version is used for playing videos constantly in the background. Continue reading

Nokia 8 camera dissapoints after passing through DxOMark lab

Nokia 8 was launched in August of last year like the more distinguished model of the new Nokia. A real high-end device to fight into the premium segment. However, the Nokia 8 camera performance seems to move away from the first positions, where it should be against its more direct rivals. At least this is what determines the characteristic test done by DxOMark photographers. The truth is the achieved score by the smartphone is low, just 68 points.

There are not absolute references, but the test performed by the DxOMark professional photographers have become with the pass of time in one of the most highlighted references in terms of checking the camera quality of current smartphones. This is why, the score made by DxOMark tends to generates big repercussions in the sector. In fact, some manufacturers had worked with the company before launching its smartphones to the market. With the Nokia 8 camera, the results doesn’t seem very optimists.

Nokia 8 camera testing

Despite of having a few months in the market, it’s now when DxOMark boys have decided that it’s about time to test the Nokia 8 camera. And what has been the result to this? The truth is that assigned score offers to us a big clue right from the start. And what was that score? No more no less than 68 points. In a comparative way, we need to see others references to correctly interpret the score set by DxOMark photographers.

Just like the ranking shows, Nokia 8 camera is far away from the top, where Google Pixel 2 has left patent the quality of photos it captures with its 98 points. Closely, the iPhone X lurks with 97 points, follow up by the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 94 points.

Lights and shadows, more shadows than lights

What do Nokia 8 camera test say? Just like yourselves can extract from the DxOMark test, Nokia 8 double camera with RGB sensors and monochrome of 13 megapixels – plus Carl Zeiss Optic – achieves a great balance of whites in all types of lighting conditions. It also outstands the high dinamic range with HDR active filtler, as the result of the portrait mode.

On the other hand, Nokia 8 camera shows a lack of sharpness and low level deatails on textures in almost any situation, even on evironments with good brightness. Other of the negative points, very negative, is the high noise level, again even on the moments when the light helps to the capture of high quality photos.

In the video recording section, the results seem to get worst. Despite of the 4K recording and the fidelity of color in both interior and exterior areas, and very adequated exposition levels, the inefficient image stabilization, the fails and the slow automatic focus in dark environments, as well as a little dinamic range and detail levels end up killing the Nokia 8 camera.

Filtered the first images of an AMD motherboard with X470 chipset

Thanks to the Gamers Nexus guys we have been able to see the first images of that which would be the AMD motherboard with X470 chipset. This motherboard, whose design comes at the hand of Gigabyte, surely will become one of the top of the line of this manufacturer for AMD with their AM4 socket.

With the start of the new edition of the CES Las Vegas, the network has been full of news related to AMD and their new processors. We have known the month of the launch of the Zen+, and we have known that said launch will be accompanied with the launch of a new chipset for motherboard, etc.

Faithful to the promise which AMD made when they launched the Ryzen processors, AMD will maintain the same AM4 socket as much for AMD Zen+ as for AMD Zen 2 (which should arrive in 2019 if the migration process to lithography of 7 nm is going well, of course). This means that the users will be able to upgrade one of the their current Ryzen to a more modern motherboard that could give more functionality at the time of getting more out of their epuipment.

The Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi is the first AMD motherboard with X470 chipset of which there are photos

As I said, it is the guys of Gamers Nexus that have gotten us the previous photos (don’t ask me how they got them) and it is clear that, with this motherboard, Gigabyte has wanted to be everywhere.

We see, for example, that the motherboard has three PCIe x16 slots, although they also commented that the only thing which really is x16 is the first, given that the following is an x8, and the last an x4. Also one can see that the power regulators go under a bulky copper heatsink of “direct contact” (through the corresponding heating pads, of course), that which bodes well if one is going with the intention of overclocking these processors. To highlight the massive heatsink that has been included for the M.2 units, situated between the 1 and 2, and the 2 and 3.

The I/O rear is fairly complete, having a button to make the ClearCMOS to the Bios (for when we are wrong with the parameters of the OC and have to return to the beginning), another power button, two connectors for the WiFi antenae, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.1 ports (one of them type C), two USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, etc.

Given that the AMD X470 chipset has not yet been launched, Gigabyte has not confirmed that this motherboard has, in fact, that chip.