Apple already allows you go back to iOS 10 because of all the problems of iOS 11

No, it is not beeing the perfect week for Apple. It seems that with the new iOS update which fixes Spectre and Meltdown security fails, we see that the company now allows to go back to iOS 10 through its offical website because of all the problems that the new update is causing.

The year of Apple in terms of software has had lights and shadows. They started the year very strong highlighting in two aspects: all the news iOS 11 brought to iPad that would make it become in almost a computer, and in all the stuff related to ARKit and the augmented reality, showing all the potencial that the company had in implementing these features in a native way on their smartphones.

The shadows came later, with the release of the new iPhones into the market, that arrived with the iOS 11. This has been the worst update of Apple in a long time: many people complained about its performance, battery issues, several failures with apps and more. In summary, Apple took as official a version that for sure still have a lot more to finish.

By luck, Apple has been solving the most of the failures with upcoming updates, but we still seeing big battery issues in all the terminals contrasting what we saw in iOS 10.3.3, which still being a much more stable update than what we see now days in any iPhone.

Apple allows to downgrade to iOS 10

Apparently, Apple, from IPSW allows us to download all the iOS 10 system updates, something that never let us do before, because everytime a update comes out, it takes away all the previous system versions, and you can’t go back unless you had made a backup of iOS 10.3.3. on iTunes.

Is weird to see Apple doing this movement, but it’s probably related with the fact that two days ago they lauched the security patch of Spectre and Meltdown, which can mean two things: by certain mistakes, Apple has uploaded this update to the system and allows the user to go back, or they have preferred to be cautios and with all the problems that iOS 11 is causing plus this patch that may cause a lower performance, they give to the user the option to go back to previous version.

A thing we have to stand out is that, even though you have an old iPhone with iOS 11 and you return to iOS 10, the problem with the battery downgrade can´t be solved, because it is something integrated in the terminal firmware after this update, but everything else is kind of solve.

UPDATE: It seems that it has been a mistake from Apple and they have already taken all iOS 10 versions of the platform.

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