Filtered the first images of an AMD motherboard with X470 chipset

Thanks to the Gamers Nexus guys we have been able to see the first images of that which would be the AMD motherboard with X470 chipset. This motherboard, whose design comes at the hand of Gigabyte, surely will become one of the top of the line of this manufacturer for AMD with their AM4 socket.

With the start of the new edition of the CES Las Vegas, the network has been full of news related to AMD and their new processors. We have known the month of the launch of the Zen+, and we have known that said launch will be accompanied with the launch of a new chipset for motherboard, etc.

Faithful to the promise which AMD made when they launched the Ryzen processors, AMD will maintain the same AM4 socket as much for AMD Zen+ as for AMD Zen 2 (which should arrive in 2019 if the migration process to lithography of 7 nm is going well, of course). This means that the users will be able to upgrade one of the their current Ryzen to a more modern motherboard that could give more functionality at the time of getting more out of their epuipment.

The Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi is the first AMD motherboard with X470 chipset of which there are photos

As I said, it is the guys of Gamers Nexus that have gotten us the previous photos (don’t ask me how they got them) and it is clear that, with this motherboard, Gigabyte has wanted to be everywhere.

We see, for example, that the motherboard has three PCIe x16 slots, although they also commented that the only thing which really is x16 is the first, given that the following is an x8, and the last an x4. Also one can see that the power regulators go under a bulky copper heatsink of “direct contact” (through the corresponding heating pads, of course), that which bodes well if one is going with the intention of overclocking these processors. To highlight the massive heatsink that has been included for the M.2 units, situated between the 1 and 2, and the 2 and 3.

The I/O rear is fairly complete, having a button to make the ClearCMOS to the Bios (for when we are wrong with the parameters of the OC and have to return to the beginning), another power button, two connectors for the WiFi antenae, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.1 ports (one of them type C), two USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, etc.

Given that the AMD X470 chipset has not yet been launched, Gigabyte has not confirmed that this motherboard has, in fact, that chip.

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