New WhatsApp update in iOS to correct the failure in voice notes

Just yesterday WhatsApp updated their application to the version for iPhone with new functions, between them an option that the users had been asking of the service: to be able to hear the voice notes before sending them. Today the app has recieved an update again, precisely to solve a small problem with the voice notes.

From being the worst nightmare at the moment you are talking to become the one function that has replaced the keyboard use for so many people. When it was first implemented, the voice notes were something odd that no one ever used, and having its botton right next to the send text button, it usually caused to send a voice note without wanting to. But with the pass of time, people has lost their fears about it and today the voice notes are more used than the written messages. There are more comfortable, you just have to press and talk, is ideal for having a free hand and haven´t to use the keyboard with both of them.

WhatsApp new update on iOS

As usual, WhatsApp officially updated its app, by surprise, -just on iOS by the moment-, including a list of new functions that we described to you yesterday. The most grateful, useful and expected function was the one of being able to listen the voice note we record before sending it, since so far we had recorded the voice note and it was sent automatically. Now we can hear it, save it if we got interrupted by a call and go back to it later, and we are even able to erase it if we don´t like it.

Used in version 2.18.10, today iPhone’s WhatsApp has officially updated again to the version 2.18.11, which solves a failure that was present on the previous version related to voice notes. It seems that yesterday’s update created a problem when you are hearing a voice note with WhatsApp executed in a second plane, something that today’s update fixes and solves.

New color for text bubbles

It is not the only thing this patch solves, that also fixes a problem with ticks in sent messages, which weren´t visible in iPhones with iOS 7 operating system. But the curious thing is the inclusion of a new color to the app’s text bubble. Text bubbles appear when it is set a safe connection between two users, and in this example they appear with a yellow background. The new patch has brought a new soft green bubble used by the app to inform of the authenticity of comercial account when we are chatting with it.

So, if we chat with the Netflix account, for example, WhatsApp will let us know by entering to the chat with a message about the account’s authenticity written inside a bubble with a new color. For now, this and checking the voice notes before sending it, still being exclusively in iOS, but if this is official it won´t take long to reach to Android.

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