A false extention extention of Chrome plays videos in the background.

The peak of cryptocurrencies also brings problems in the form of malware. The hidden miners are quite present on the different platforms. This can very negatively affect the good functioning of the equipment. They consume resources and make the component suffer a great amount of wear and tear. This is why miner blockers have also emerged. In this article we speak of a false extention for blocking miners which play videos in the background.

False MinerBlock Extention

The security investigator Bryan Campbell has discovered a malicious Chrome extention which is made to pass as a legitimate Minerblock extention. The legitimate MinerBlock extention is used for blocking pages that use cyptocurrency mining on the browser. For its part, the recently discovered false extention makes it so Chrome plays videos in the background repeatedly without the users knowing.

The pages with this Chrome extention have some differences. In the imposter is contained text in russian. Also we can see that the developer is different. In the case of the legitimate extention it is CryptoMineDev, while the imposter is egopastor2016.

In terms of appearance, the two are similar. They have the same option interface, for example. Mind you, the icon and the version are different.


In the functionality is where things change. While the MinerBlock original is designed for blocking access to known miner sites, the malicious version is used for playing videos constantly in the background. Continue reading